One billboard campaign

The Ukrainian campaign of a single billboard in Buenos Aires is scheduled for the G20 summit. The project is dedicated to Ukraine’s war against Russian aggression and committed to telling guests in the Argentinean capital the horrific truth about the bloody crimes of the Russian occupation. As part of the project, visitors will hear the voices of children who live in villages and towns along the frontline, have seen the horrors of war with their own eyes, and have personally suffered from them. We also turn to the world with 100 rhetorical questions that all start with the word, “Why.”

100 Why’s
Buenos Aires
The planned billboard location
  1. Why did Russia invade Ukraine?
  2. Why did Russian military shoot down MH-17?
  3. Why is Russia interfering in the establishment of an independent, autocephalous church in Ukraine?
  4. Why is Russia engaged in a policy of repression in occupied Crimea?
  5. Why did Russia annex Crimea?
  6. Why is Russia holding 70 Ukrainians as political prisoners in its jails?
  7. Why are Russian soldiers fighting in the Donbas without insignia and using false documents?
  8. Why is Russia lying about the presence of its military forces in the Donbas?
  9. Why doesn’t the international community increase sanctions against Russia?
  10. Why has Russia established its own private armies who engage in conflict all over the world?
  11. Why did Russia steal Ukraine’s naval fleet?
  12. Why is Russia planning to place nuclear weapons in Crimea?
  13. Why does Russia engage in anti-Ukrainian propaganda on its television channels?
  14. Why did Russia make all Crimeans take out Russian citizenship, whether they wanted to or not?
  15. Why does Russia try to get in the way of countries that want to join NATO?
  16. Why does Russia want to bring about the collapse of the European Union?
  17. Why to the radical right and radical left politicians in Europe always support Russia’s aggressive actions?
  18. Why does Russia spend billions spreading propaganda around the world?
  19. Why does Russia bury those of its soldiers who have died in Ukraine and Syria in secret?
  20. Why did only 100 countries support the UNGA Resolution on Ukraine’s territorial integrity?
  21. Why are all the leaders of the militants and separatists in eastern Ukraine either retired Russian officers or thugs?
  22. Why have Russia and its minions not fulfilled a single provision of the Minsk Accords?
  23. Why has Russia destroyed education in the Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian languages in Crimea?
  24. Why do Russia’s proxies continue to torture and murder their Ukrainian prisoners?
  25. Why is everything Ukrainian being repressed on Russian occupied territories: the language, the culture, the identity, and patriotism?
  26. Why do the Russian occupiers in the Donbas use the death penalty?
  27. Why is Russia cultivating militarism in kindergartens and elementary schools?
  28. Why is Russia blocking nearly all resolutions related to Syria in the UN Security Council?
  29. Why is Russia fighting in Syria?
  30. Why is Russia defending the Assad regime, which has used chemical weapons against its people?
  31. Why do world leaders shake hands and embrace Putin, a tyrant and war criminal?
  32. Why are international corporations violating anti-Russian sanctions?
  33. Why is Russia rapidly militarizing?
  34. Why does Putin threaten Ukraine with nuclear weapons?
  35. Why do Russian aircraft regularly violate the air space of NATO member countries?
  36. Why did Russia’s secret service try to kill Sergei Skripal in Salisbury with chemical weapons?
  37. Why are the children and the money belonging to Russia’s top officials and oligarchs being kept in Europe and the US?
  38. Why does the Russian orthodox church bless Russia’s wars against Ukraine and Syria?
  39. Why is there still a Russian occupying force in the Transnistria region of Moldova, or the Abkhazia and Tskhinvali provinces of Georgia?
  40. Why is Russia waging economic war against Ukraine?
  41. Why does pro-Kremlin propaganda disseminate fake news about NATO?
  42. Why did Russia’s army slaughter Ukrainian soldiers who were retreating through a “green corridor” under Ilovaisk on August 29, 2014?
  43. Why do Putin and his minions continue to threaten to destroy the US, NATO countries, and the whole world?
  44. Why does Russia organize “pro-Russian rebellions” in neighboring countries?
  45. Why does Russia keep calling its supplies of weapons “humanitarian aid”?
  46. Why is Russia spending billions on waging war when its economy is in a recession?
  47. Why have Europeans agreed to build new gas pipelines jointly with Russia?
  48. Why did no country in the world boycott the 2018 World Football Championship in Russia?
  49. Why did Russia steal or move Ukrainian assets like banks and munitions plants from Crimea and Donbas?
  50. Why are Russia’s occupying forces persecuting religious and sexual minorities?
  51. Why are ethnic Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars being persecuted in Crimea?
  52. Why is the cult of Stalin being revived in Russia today?
  53. Why are Russian hackers and propagandists interfering in electoral campaigns all over the world?
  54. Why is Russian citizen Alexei Milchakov, a known sadist, nazi and war criminal, still loose?
  55. Why is Russia’s General HQ sending military cadets to practice in Donbas?
  56. Why is there a slew of European politicians who keep demanding that anti-Russian sanctions be dropped?
  57. Why have Great Britain, the US and France not come through on their commitments under the Budapest Memorandum?
  58. Why did Russia violate dozens of international and inter-governmental agreements by starting a war against Ukraine?
  59. Why is Russia handing out awards and honors to propagandists, mercenaries and war criminals?
  60. Why is Russia not carrying out the rulings of the ECHR?
  61. Why is Russia dreaming of restoring the Soviet Union?
  62. Why does Russia think that it is fighting in Ukraine and Syria against the US?
  63. Why is Russia illegally extracting natural gas and sand on Ukraine’s Black Sea shelf?
  64. Why is Russia placing new military units near the border with Ukraine?
  65. Why do the most despicable dictatorships—Syria, Venezuela and North Korea—all support Russia?
  66. Why are Russia’s opposition politicians, independent journalists and creative class all leaving the country?
  67. Why did Russia illegally imprison Ukrainian filmmaker Oleh Sentsov?
  68. Why did Russia ban the Crimean Tatars’ governing body, the Medjlis and continues to ignore the ECHR’s demand that it be restored?
  69. Why is Igor “Strelkov” Ghirkin, the GRU frontman and the face of Russia’s occupation in 2014 still on the loose?
  70. Why is Russia placing its newest weapons systems on its western border?
  71. Why is Russia fetishizing WWII and its propaganda bellowing, “We can do it again”?
  72. Why is Russia supplying weapons to both sides in the conflict in Nagorno-Karrabakh?
  73. Why is Russia silent about the environmental catastrophe unfolding in northern Crimea?
  74. Why was Russia excluded from the G8?
  75. Why did the Russian delegation lose its status in PACE?
  76. Why is Gazprom refusing to pay its debt to Ukraine, in line with the ruling of the Stockholm Arbitration Institute?
  77. Why does Russia buying up European politicians by inviting them to visit occupied Crimea?
  78. Why is Russia violating the 1987 Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty with the US?
  79. Why is the Russian administration of Ukraine’s occupied territories jamming Ukrainian radio and television signals?
  80. Why are people being violently beaten at protest actions in Russia?
  81. Why does Putin keep denying that Ukrainians are a different people and Ukraine an independent country?
  82. Why does Russia force Ukrainian citizens in the occupied territories to take out Russian passports?
  83. Why are monuments to the Russian invaders of eastern Ukraine being erected across Russia?
  84. Why is Russia using the occupied counties of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts as a testing ground for new weaponry and an ammunition dump?
  85. Why has Russia turned Crimea into one gigantic military base?
  86. Why does Russia continue to occupy the Kuril Islands, which belong to Japan?
  87. Why does Russia encourage mercenaries from around the world to fight for it in the Donbas?
  88. Why has Russia instituted sanctions against Ukraine?
  89. Why has Russia organized an army of internet bots that gum up the information environment in the entire world?
  90. Why does Russia keep organizing illegal elections in the territories it occupies?
  91. Why does the Putin personality cult dominate in Russia?
  92. Why did Europe and the US not place an embargo on the export of fuels from Russia as the aggressor country?
  93. Why has Russia not lost its veto power in the UN Security Council?
  94. Why does the Kremlin indulge the leader of Chechnya, who has established a totalitarian regime?
  95. Why are there Russian military units in Armenia and Tajikistan to this day?
  96. Why has Putin continued to govern Russia with unlimited powers for nearly 20 years?
  97. Why does Russia’s propaganda teach its own people to be afraid of and despise the EU and US?
  98. Why are Russian and other ships entering Crimean ports in contravention of Ukrainian law and international sanctions?
  99. Why does Russia manipulate with the lie that all it opponents are “fascists”?
  100. Why has the world changed?

Since the start of the 21st century, Russia has been sharply militarizing under Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin’s aggressive geopolitical ambitions, reinforced by oil and gas super profits, have spilled into aggressive foreign policy. Having left rebellious Chechnya drowning in blood, Moscow moved on to expansionism. A Russian occupation force continues to control the Transnistria region of Moldova and the Georgian province of Abkhazia. In 2008, Russia launched a second war against Georgia, which ended in an open military occupation of a second Georgian province, Tskhinvali.

After the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine ended in victory in February 2014, Russia turned around and occupied Crimea, later illegally incorporating the peninsula into the Russian Federation. By annexing part of Ukraine, Russia brutally violated a series of bilateral agreements, the trilateral 1994 Budapest Memorandum, which stated that Ukraine would give up its nuclear weapons in return for security assurances from the three big nuclear powers: the US, Russia and China, and foundational international laws, including the UN statutes. Russia’s annexation of Crimea was condemned by the UN and declared null and void by the entire civilized world.

That spring, Russia has organized a “separatist rebellion” in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, which was soon supported by its regular army. In the 4.5 years since it invaded Crimea, over 10,000 Ukrainians have been killed, including around 3,000 Ukrainian military personnel. The whole world watched the aftermath of the shooting down of Flight MH-17 by a Russian BUK missile launcher—298 civilian deaths. Despite mounds evidence, Moscow cynically and boldfacedly continues to deny its criminal acts.

Among Moscow’s allies is the Assad regime in Syria, which has been killing its own people for over five years, including with chemical weapons. Russian bombs and missiles, shells and bullets are also raining death on Syrian cities and villages. Despite a worldwide outcry, a multitude of anti-Russian economic sanctions and shrinking reserves, the Kremlin has no intention of curbing its aggression. On the contrary, it’s expanding its military presence in other conflict zones and supporting dictatorships in Asia, Africa and Latin America, rolling out its propaganda network, doing everything it can to undermine the EU and NATO in order to bring about a new realignment in the world under superpowers, the way it was in soviet times.

We present the 100 questions that start with “Why?” on this site, but we don’t provide any answers.